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Over the last 20 years, PDC has provided management consulting services to hundreds of companies, including over 200 Fortune 1000 and major non profit and government organizations. We are proud of both the quality and quantity of our work. We encourage you to verify our capabilities and our commitment to our clients’ success by discussing the results they have achieved. The following is a partial client list:

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” Wanted you to know we are believers in your process and thank you for the results we achieved.”

Aerospace Manufacturer

Directing a team made up solely of user management we constructed an Enterprise Strategy plan reflecting both the functions and the data required for a human resources department servicing 85,000 employees. Management accepted the plan while structuring the function to best meet its information needs. This plan became the framework for all system development utilizing distributed processors and fourth generation data management tools.

Communications Service Company

In an effort to smooth the integration of a new software package into an existing environment, we assisted our client in developing a comprehensive set of DB2 standards, procedures and guidelines. Our approach incorporated the knowledge and perspective of all organizational units including Data Administration, Data Base Administration, System Development, Technical Services, Operations and key end users.

Credit Card Company

Enterprise wide IT Planning and Business Process Redesign for Project Genesis which encompassed business process reengineering of all card and travel related services. PDC provided senior level consulting support on a full time basis to the Project Manager in the use of PDC’s planning and requirements definition methodologies. All credit card operations which include 25 million customers, three million merchants, 2 million transactions per day and 40,000 employees in a worldwide operation in 75 countries. Facilitated and coached focus sessions. Results included the complete overhaul of merchant processing leading to the on-line transaction capability now widespread. Also developed decision support system and provided six internal seminars in the field of information engineering.

Electric Generation and Power Management

Having selected and installed a database management system, our client realized that effective use of the DBMS would also require the implementation of information resource management techniques. We assisted them in establishing the data administration function and in developing charter for the organization. In order to effectively develop new applications in the context of information management and database technology, we assisted in two areas. First, we helped them select and implement a development tool to be used throughout the planning and development process. Second, we assisted them in constructing an application developers handbook. This document serves as the guide to project teams in effectively utilizing the new technology without slowing the development process.

Electric Utility

This utility was not sure if it was using the best software for its specific environment. We assisted in analyzing the situation in order to determine an optimal approach. When the utility was unable to find a suitable database administrator we provided on-site DBA support. Through on-the-job training and consulting we built their DBA staff from internal resources thereby eliminating the need for additional recruiting. Many organizations can take advantage of similar opportunities.

Electronics Manufacturing Company

We assisted management in planning the major task of migrating from a centralized database environment to a PC based distributed environment for manufacturing. We assisted in preparing specifications for hate distributed database system architecture. As a result, the client was better able to sort out the issues of non-procedural referencing, integration of advanced languages, the use of intelligent data dictionaries, and data integrity under the distributed environment.

Insurance Company

We assisted a major insurance company in developing a strategic information advanced development resource plan, selecting a database management system, implementing tools, and establishing information resource management techniques in only a few months. We then assisted them in developing 2 standards, procedures and guidelines and in integrating software and program generators.

International Oil Company

For a refining and marketing of a multinational company we developed a divisional strategic system development plan and guided them through two cycles of database system design and implementation. This involved the definition and delivery of over 1,000 information services to end user Service Analysis™. During their methodologies and trained their staff.

Large Japanese Manufacturer

PDC was chosen from 4,000 consulting firms to provide its Business Reengineering methodology. Currently providing training to 450 members of the technical staff in all aspects of reengineering. Customized 400 page Business Process Redesign Handbook and 350-page class notebook while developing an international electronics distribution case study featuring Unisys Corp. This training has enabled the company to effectively restructure its operations and to help customers reengineer their business applications.

Mining and Manufacturing Company

senior corporate management we developed an Enterprise Strategy and initiated a project which proved extremely beneficial.By restructuring the information resource management functions,we were able to give the user control of certain development phases.We enhanced their data dictionary into a corporate information resource directory and a system development and documentation tool.Using our data modeling and system design techniques,migration to the integrated information resource environment was achieved much earlier than originally.

Hampshire Department of Human Services

Directed state project team in developing a comprehensive Enterprise wide IT Strategic Plan, Business Process Redesign, an Information Systems and Application Development Specification, an overall Project Implementation Plan and the Statement of Work for a Request for Proposal for acquiring a new Vital Records system. Encompassed birth, marriage and death records for entire state managed by 240 city office clerks and one central state Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics office managing 50,000 transactions per year and a 700,000 record data base. PDC was also tasked to provide transition assistance for the next phase. PDC presented its methodology training on a just-in-time basis. The specifications developed were used as the statement of work in a Request for Proposal to design and implement a statewide system.

New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles

Developed an enterprise wide feasibility strategy for solving an impending Year 2000 problem involving replacement of a distributed Bull DPS 6000 system. Evaluated technical alternatives for satisfying short and long-term demands for services at the field agency level as well as at the centralized mainframe level. Involved 60 field offices processing some 20 million transactions per year. Analyzed the centralized OIT mainframe and distributed processing complexes at the computer program level of detail and the Garden State Network communications support of field operations. Also, analyzed headquarters and field office workflows to assure compliance with processing needs. Reported to DOT as well as MVS and made strong recommendations regarding future reengineering opportunities. Recommended a procurement strategy to solve both short and long term technology.

Pharmaceutical Company

IT Planning, Business Process Redesign, organizational development and education for sales, marketing, distribution, finance, toxicology and international divisions. Enterprise Strategy planning and reengineering for sales, marketing, distribution, finance and toxicology divisions involving 40,000 employees, 10,000 customers, 5,000 products and data bases of several million records serving worldwide operations. Helped develop the organization and technology to support Sales Force Automation. Provided direction and methodology for five project teams. Facilitated and coached focus sessions.


PDC assisted corporate management in adopting a merchandising oriented information resource approach. We led a combined end user and project team in evaluating and selecting tools and techniques for simplifying the management of some 30 million items of information. We directed the first three merchandising development projects by providing training and consulting in database design using Service Analysis™. We apprised corporate management of the steps necessary to increase profitability to levels required by the corporate long range plan through application of information resource.


We supported the redesign of a ten year old online car control and transportation system.Involving user management,we structured requirements for a new system using advanced information resource management tools.The recognized annual savings attributable to the new system amounts to $2,000,000 while providing management with the ability to continue productivity improvements.


Our client, a medium size publisher with all the complexities of a larger company, faced voluminous marketing and promotion requirements which made the selection of a database management system extremely difficult. Using our rigorous but flexible software evaluation and selection methodology we guided them in choosing the best possible tool to manage the processing for some 7 million customers.

Telephone Company

One of the largest telephone operating companies in the United States experienced difficulty in applying information resource technology. We developed a strategic systems plan for the customer services function and trained them in a database systems methodology using Service Analysis™. With our assistance they developed a major component of an online customer service system to support 3 million customers using a DBMS at both corporate and regional levels. We also directed the establishment of their data administration, database administration, and quality assurance functions. We established a framework of tools and methodologies which engendered synergistic relationships between end users and management at all levels in a multi-divisional environment. We also assisted in evaluating distributed database alternatives from both a management and a technical perspective.

US Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Provided IT Planning, reengineering, methodology and project management support for the overhaul of the Navy’s $100 million Facilities Information System. The effort involved Enterprise-wide reengineering of all planning, analysis, design, construction, and maintenance of Naval shore facilities. Reviewed and facilitated RFP and proposal evaluation. Scope covered facilities management operations that have a $5 billion annual budget to oversee the construction and maintenance of naval shore facilities worldwide. Involved a database of 75,000 contractors, 300,000 complex transactions per day and financial payments to suppliers using 5,000 workstations serving 8,000 employees. Directed project teams in all tasks in reengineering planning and business process redesign. Provided methodology education, planning, and process redesign for two of seven reengineering modules.

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